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Russian police intervenes as teen draws ‘gay propaganda’ on Tolerance Day

Russian police intervenes as teen draws ‘gay propaganda’ on Tolerance Day

These pro-LGBTI drawings were seized by police | Photo: VK

Police have intervened after a teen made a LGBTI-friendly drawing for Tolerance Day in Russia.

Teachers had asked the class to imagine what a ‘tolerant world‘ would look like.

Taking on the challenge, a 14-year-old girl made a poster timed for the International Day of Tolerance.

Teen draws ‘gay propaganda’ on Tolerance Day

The girl, unnamed, depicted people of different nationalities. She also drew three stick figure couples: one male-female, one male-male, and one female-female.

‘We are not born choosing appearance, orientation or race,’ she said.

‘We are all unique in our own way.’

Many of the drawings also included rainbows.

Officials from the Education Department then attempted to calm the situation down.

‘They reflect universal human values: friendship, respect, mutual understanding, and acceptance of other people’s values and views,’ officials told RIA Novosti.

‘In some of the drawings, there are rainbows — the symbol of purity, childhood, and friendship, embodying the unity of different nationalities. There were no drawings at the exhibit that promoted non-traditional values.’

Psychologists called to school to ‘give advice’ to children

Police also called psychologists to the school to ‘counsel’ the children.

The therapists gave ‘explanatory advice to children, parents and teachers, if necessary’.

Police have seized the drawings. The review, which will examine the drawings for signs of ‘gay propaganda’, will take a month.

‘Our officers went to the school to look around, after reports in the media about citizens being upset about the drawings. Additionally, the mother of one of the students studying at this school filed an official report,’ police officers told reporters.

Police interrogated the school’s principal. He had tried to explain children were taking part in the drawing competition during the International Day of Tolerance.

‘So much for tolerance…’

Mariya, from LGBT Yekaterinburg, said she was ‘disgusted’ by the police’s actions.

‘So much for tolerance,’ she also said. ‘The school should not have allowed homophobic parents to take over.

She continued: ‘If it wasn’t for someone filing a police report, then it would have likely blown over.

‘Imagine being a child at that school. Instead of being rewarded for showing acceptance to a minority, you’re punished.’