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Russia lawmaker wants gay bars, social media shut down

Russia lawmaker wants gay bars, social media shut down

A Russia lawmaker has called for the banning of gay clubs and social media pages in order to ‘rid the country of evil’.

Vitaly Milonov, co-sponsor of the gay propaganda bill that was made law, has said bars and dance venues for the LGBTI community are ‘destroying Russia’.

The politician who represents St Petersburg in the Legislative Assembly is currently in Sevastopol, a city in Crimea.

Authorities in the crisis zone peninsula told LGBTIs gay pride parades would be banned on the basis of the Russia ‘gay propaganda’ law.

‘St Petersburg and Moscow should take a cue from Sevastopol and eradicate the experimental practice of sodomy,’ Milonov said, as translated by Gay Star News.

‘We must no longer have gay parades, gay shows and clubs. All social media pages for homosexuals should be removed.

‘If we do not, it will destroy the unity of the nation.’

He added: ‘If the city needs help removing the evil, then I will certainly help.’

The lawmaker made headlines earlier this month when he called for a ‘moral police’ in Russia to deal with LGBTI people.

Milonov was the politician responsible for the law prohibiting ‘gay propaganda’ in St Petersburg, beginning the trend that led to the nationwide ban.