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Russia says children’s LGBTI drawings did not break propaganda law

Russia says children’s LGBTI drawings did not break propaganda law

These pro-LGBTI drawings were seized by police | Photo: VK

Russia has declared children’s LGBTI drawings depicting rainbow flags and same-sex couples did not violate the country’s propaganda law.

In November, it was reported that the Russian government intervened in a school project.

Teachers asked their students to draw their vision of a more tolerant world. The project was for International Day of Tolerance.

One student, a 14-year-old drew a poster depicting both straight and same-sex couples. She also depicted people of different nationalities and races.

‘We are not born choosing appearance, orientation or race,’ her poster read. ‘We are all unique in our own way.’

Other students’ drawings included rainbows.

The Education Department defended the drawings. Police, however, seized them to investigate whether they depicted ‘gay propaganda’, which is against the law in Russia.

Authorities also brought in psychologists to ‘counsel’ students.

So what did Russia say?

The press department of the Russian Interior Ministry’s office in Yekaterinburg told Russian publication Interfax that no violations were found.

They were specifically investigating whether or not the drawings violated Article 6.21 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors).

They reportedly also found no wrongdoing from the school’s director.

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