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Russia sends message of love to gay people as Eurovision starts

Russia sends message of love to gay people as Eurovision starts

Huge crowds watched as artists from 40 participating countries walked the red carpet for the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday.

They were entertained by a live orchestra as they saw the stars arrive, including last year’s winner Conchita Wurst, at the Rathaus in Vienna, Austria.

Gay Star News was there and talked to the most fabulous performers as they arrived at the star-studded event.

Artists send a message of peace, love and hope to the LGBTI community through song. Yes, even from Russia.

‘We are all absolutely equal,’ said Polina, the Russian entrant for this year’s Eurovision. “My song is about how all people are the same. We are equal and a million voices are the same everywhere.’

Denmark boyband Anti-Social Media told us: ‘Gay is the old English definition of being joyful and happy and our song is the most happy, that is why you should vote for us!’

‘Our message is about love. It’s universal, and Lithuania needs it a lot!’ Lithuanian performer Vaidas said with a charming smile.

Anita and Michele from San Marino told us: ‘We’ve got a message full of hope and peace and we want to give the world another chance to be better.’

Cyprus artist John Karayainnis believes his song is universal. ‘Yeah, I’m singing it and I’m thinking of a girl, you might be listening to it and thinking of a guy. You can interpret it any way you want to.’

Slovenia are keen to win, and can’t wait to welcome LGBTI fans to their country. ‘Our message to gay fans is "Welcome to Slovenia". If we win, it would be a really cute Eurovision in Slovenia. Our country is small but with a great heart.’

‘Our music talks about love,’ the Italian group Il Volo told us. ‘You can dedicate it to the man you really love.’

Many of the artists were keen to share their gay-friendly credentials with us. ‘My best friend is gay and the message of the song is for everybody,’ said French performer Lisa Angell. ‘It’s a message of love, a message of uniting people and being all together with no differences.’

Amber, from Malta, recently performed in a concert celebrating civil partnerships in Malta. ‘I believe everyone should be happy, I believe that living in 2015 these things need to change,’ she said.

She feels her song, Warrior, will resonate with the LGBTI community. ‘I think the LGBT community have faced many problems, but through the years they have managed to overcome their problems. You are all true warriors.’

Ireland singer Molly Sterling recently posted a message on Facebook support marriage equality. The country is having a referendum on introducing same-sex marriage on Friday (22 May).

‘I think it’s ridiculous that we need a referendum at all. Marriage equality should have happened so long ago. I think it’s important especially for kids, to feel accepted, so everyone feels like they can be themselves,’ Sterling said.

Politics aside, why should Gay Star News readers vote for the Ireland song? ‘Because I have lipstick on my teeth.’ That sold us!

The Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals are on Tuesday (19 May) and Thursday (21 May) with the Final on Saturday (23 May).