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Russia wants to ban gay emojis

Russia wants to ban gay emojis

These gay emojis 'spread untraditional sexual relations among minors.'

Following attempts to ban shirtless men, Game of Thrones and even transgender people from driving, Russia is now considering a ban on gay emojis.

State media regulator Roskomnadzor has written a letter to the youth wing of the ruling United Russia party, calling for an investigation into gay emojis on social media.

Roskomnadzor claimed the emojis that Apple unveiled in April were part of the ‘spread on social media of untraditional sexual relations among minors,’ according to a local news report translated by Vocativ.

They may therefore violate Russia’s gay ‘propaganda’ ban, which President Vladimir Putin signed into law in 2013.

The regulator went on to say that the emojis – which include gay couples holding hands and families with same-sex parents – ‘deny family values’ and ‘form disrespect for parents and other family members.’

The Young Guard said it had not yet received the request from Roskomnadzor but would look into it.