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Russia will ban films that ‘defile its culture’

Russia will ban films that ‘defile its culture’

Russia will ban films that ‘defile its culture’ or ‘threatens national unity’.

The government has proposed that films ‘defiling the national culture, posing a threat to national unity and undermining the foundations of the constitutional order’ will not be given public screenings.

While intended to be enforced on 1 January, they are currently undergoing a review process.

Culture minister Vladimir Medinsky has called on the media to foster national strength through Russia’s cultural institutions, ‘consolidating the state and society on the basis of values instilled by our history’.

Gay rights activists have said they fear it will give the government the license to censor, remove or ban films with LGBTI themes or characters.

‘This could easily be another thinly-veiled attack on the LGBTI community,’ a gay rights activist, who did not want to be named, told Gay Star News. ‘If a film has a gay character now, adults are only allowed to see it under the propaganda law.

‘But now, if these new rules go through, we will erased from Russian film and culture.’

But while it could be used against the LGBTI community, it appears to be a response to the Oscar nominated Leviathan that criticizes the government and corrupt officials. A ban on swearing in all films was put in place last year.

Director Andrei Proshkin told Interfax: ‘Who is going to decide that the culture has been besmeared? The ministry? The public? A court?

‘And on the basis of what? How do you determine legally that the culture has been besmeared? And what can besmear a culture more in the 21st century than such laws?’