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Russian bus stop criticized for being too gay

Russian bus stop criticized for being too gay

A bus stop located about 1,500 kilometers northeast of Moscow in the city of Berezniki has been caught in a bizarre scandal this week for its ‘gay propaganda’.

Local conservative activists recently noticed some colorful mosaic-pixel images decorating a bus stop in the city’s center that allegedly violate Russia’s ban on so-called gay propaganda and promote other ‘immoral’ behaviors, according to (more images on the site).

The group said it would submit a formal complaint to the city’s government and police in a bid to modify or remove the artwork.

The artwork is said to have threatened minors by showing gay pride parades, nudists sunbathing, protesting robots, children playing at dangerous heights, among other offenses.

However, noted the artwork has been in place for about three years already and hence it has even preceded the state’s ban on ‘gay propaganda’ introduced in 2013.