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Russian coach blames gays for Olympic wrestling being axed

A Russian coach says if they expel the sport from the 2020 Games, 'gays will soon run the whole world'

Russian coach blames gays for Olympic wrestling being axed

A Russian coach is blaming a ‘gay conspiracy’ on plans to cut wrestling from the Olympic program.

On Tuesday (12 February), the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board voted to cut wrestling from the list of 25 confirmed sports for the 2020 Games.

It will now need to reapply as part of a group of eight sports, which includes karate and roller-skating.

Speaking to R-Sport, coach Vladimir Urimagov called the decision a ‘blow to masculine origins’.

‘If they expel wrestling now, that means that gays will soon run the whole world,’ he said.

‘It turns out this committee is headed by a representative of these minorities.’

Uruimagov called on wrestling fans to petition the IOC to reinstate wrestling, suggesting the ‘future of humanity’ was at stake.

‘It is necessary for millions around the world who understand that this is a man’s sport and who understand the need to continue the human race to go out and explain their position to the Olympic Committee,’ he said.

‘We should prove and explain that in any other case there is no future.’

The board is chaired by heterosexual Jacques Rogge, saying he would speak with the head of wrestling’s governing body to discuss ways the sport could be saved.

In the run-up to London 2012, he was even criticized after the organization rejected calls to ban countries that have ‘Kill the Gays’ laws.

It was not just Uruimagov who was upset about wrestling being removed from the Olympics, which has been a part of every competition since 1904.

Sébastien Datiche, an officer for the Federation of the Gay Games, said it was a ‘blow to a great tradition and an outstanding sport.’

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