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A Russian doctor murdered, dismembered and cooked a trans woman

A Russian doctor murdered, dismembered and cooked a trans woman

Nina Surtgutskaya, 25, was brutally murdered by a man when he discovered she was trans

A Russian doctor has confessed to the murdering, dismembering, and cooking a trans woman he dated after discovering she was trans.

Mikhail Tikhonov, 27, cooked Nina Surtgutskaya, 25, in Kursk in her oven. He then flushed her remains down the toilet, he told police.

The Daily Mail reported that the pair were having sex when Tikhonov realized she was trans. He immediately strangled her on her bed.

What happened?

The medic was on a night out with Surtgutskaya before being invited back to her flat.

But as the pair had sex, Tikhonov realized she was trans and had undergone gender-affirmation surgery.

He immediately strangled her on her bed and then, to hide the body, dismembered her corpse.

‘She had no more signs of life’

Police detained and questioned Tikhonov after Surtgutskaya’s family reported her missing and called the authorities to investigate.

The police report into the incident said: ‘Nina invited him to her flat. They continued to drink alcohol and began to have sex. He noticed his partner had been previously a man.

‘She tried to continue the sex, but at that moment he grabbed her by neck and squeezed tight,’ said the police source.

‘He stopped only when she had no more signs of life.’

Using salt to ‘get rid of the smell’

Tikhonov then ‘decided to get rid of the body’ and took the corpse to the bathroom where he ‘cut out her internal organs,’ and chopped them into small pieces which he flushed down the toilet.

He then carved off the woman’s flesh which he ‘put into the into the oven,’ roasting them ‘to evaporate excess liquid.’

The man denied he was a cannibal and told police he had flushed the cooked human meat down the toilet.

According to the crime report, he then put the head and limbs into a suitcase which he took to his flat. Using a rasp, he sawed off limbs and ribs before throwing then into trash cans.

It was at this point in the night when police came to detain him, who found the horrific sight of the head still attached to the spine. He had covered it with salt to ‘get rid of the smell.’

Tikhonov faced up to 20 years in jail if convicted of murder.

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