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Russian editor arrested for printing ‘being gay is normal’

Russian editor arrested for printing ‘being gay is normal’

A Russian journalist is being charged under propaganda laws after he published an interview with a gay teacher.

Alexander Suturin, chief editor of a Khabarovsk newspaper, is suspected of violating the ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ propaganda ban.

He published an article where he printed a direct quote from a geography teacher who was fired from his job in September.

The former educator had said: ‘My very existence is proof being gay is normal.’

The case file claims Suturin ‘distorted’ the picture of society by publishing the quote and such a statement is ‘contrary to the laws of logic’.

By exposing readers under the age of 18 to the article, the author ‘leads them astray to believe homosexuality is normal’.

And by following the logic of the author, he will lead children into believing ‘serial killers’ is also normal.

But by publishing this quote, Suturin’s newspaper is facing a 200,000 rubles ($6,090, €4,530) fine as a media organization. It could also be closed by the Russian authorities.