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Russian former mayor uses helium balloons to send Pride flag floating over the Kremlin

Russian former mayor uses helium balloons to send Pride flag floating over the Kremlin

  • Gay artist Alexander Donskoy has made a name for himself by standing up to Putin, including running for the presidency.
The flag getting aloft and flying over the Kremlin.

A former mayor of a Russian city protested the country’s anti-LGBT+ policies by using helium balloons to send a giant rainbow flag over the Kremlin.

The protest in Moscow on Saturday (22 August) is the latest stunt by gay artist Alexander Donskoy. He says it is a reaction to Russian officials’ criticism of foreign embassies flying the LGBT+ flag in Moscow.

It comes as politicians try to further embed LGBT+ hate into their laws. Russia voted to add a ban on same-sex marriage to its constitution in July. 

Now Russian lawmakers are trying to create a new law which will undermine trans rights, further ban same-sex marriage and could split up families. The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights has warned the politicians proposals are a ‘crime against humanity’.

‘LGBT Over The Kremlin’

Donskoy is the former mayor of the Northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk.

He became famous when, in 2006, he announced his intention to run for the presidency in the 2008 elections.

However, the authorities arrested him in July 2007, accusing him of economic crimes and abuse of office.

They released him in March 2008, once the elections were over, with a sentence of three years on probation. His supporters claim the charges were politically motivated.

After that he built a career as an artist and gallery owner.

His gallery, in St Petersburg, once displayed a picture of President Vladimir Putin in women’s underwear. The authorities seized the painting and other pro-LGBT+ artworks.

He called his latest demonstration ‘LGBT Over The Kremlin’. He used rainbow-colored helium balloons to get the LGBT Pride Flag aloft in Manezhnaya Square. From there it floated over the Kremlin.

Meanwhile – to ensure Putin knew who was responsible – the flag carried a banner bearing his name at the bottom.