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Russian gay couple wins asylum case to stay in Finland

Russian gay couple wins asylum case to stay in Finland

Vasily and Vladimir are now free from anti-gay Russia

A Russian gay couple has secured asylum in Finland after being brutally attacked in their home country.

Vladimir Naumov, 36, and Vasily Kolesnikov, 24, for asylum in September 2014, and last week it was granted, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

Since coming out, the two say they both faced persecution. Kolesnikov was beaten at school, while Naumov was fired from his job and was attacked by a gang at night.

Because of this Lolesnikov can no longer hear in one ear, while Naumov has scars on his lips, eyes and his two front teeth have been replaced.

The final straw came when they arrived back home to their apartment in St Petersburg last July, and they found they had been robbed. On the walls, there was graffiti on the doors saying ‘Gays Live Here’.

They searched their homes for anything left they could carry, grabbed their passports, and booked into a hotel. The next day they flew to Stockholm where they spent two months until being moved to Finland.

But now, they are allowed to remain in the northern Finnish town of Rovaniemi, where they are learning the language and happy to live safe and free.