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Russian journalist forced to quit over pro-gay comments

Russian journalist forced to quit over pro-gay comments

A Russian journalist working at Kontr Tv has apparently been forced to leave his post after criticizing a proposed national law against gay ‘propaganda’.

The proposed legislation has been debated in the State Duma, the lower chamber of parliament, with most legislators voting in favor of it. It still has to clear other hurdles before it becomes law. It would fine individuals, officials and organizations saying positive things about homosexuality ‘to minors’. It’s similar to laws already imposed in 10 Russian regions.

Anton Krasovsky, 39, quit his job after a live program in which he commented on the plans.

During the program he said: ‘The politicians who voted the anti-gay law voted against themselves.

‘If someone shows a banner in front of the State Duma and shouts “Burn in hell”, he is not protesting against LGBT people.’

The journalist refused to comment on his resignation, but his name has been deleted from the Kontr Tv website.

The site also removed the link to Angry Guyzzz, Krasovsky’s program.

Krasovsky and Sergey Minaev launched Kontr Tv in December 2012. Before joining it, he was chief editor at television channel NTV and a campaigner for Russian politician Mikhail Prokhorov.

Last week (25 January) the State Duma voted for the law the law banning the ‘homosexual propaganda’ on its first reading.