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Russian kids send their friends ‘gay’ Valentine’s, school accused of propaganda

Russian kids send their friends ‘gay’ Valentine’s, school accused of propaganda

A Russian school is being accused of gay propaganda after kids gave Valentine’s Day cards to other students of the same gender today (14 February).

To celebrate the day of love, a teacher in the city of Smolensk, western Russia, encouraged students aged seven to eight to make cards to each other – and it didn’t matter if they were given to a boy or a girl.

But when the students went home and told their families what they did in school, their parents were ‘shocked’.

The parents informed the authorities as well as the Department of Education, claiming the school was guilty of ‘gay propaganda’.

The authorities are may now charge the school under the anti-gay law.

Galina Kazakova, the headmistress of the school, told local media: ‘I talked to the teacher involved in the incident.

‘She said if children are told to make greeting cards for their parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, then they should make greeting cards for their friends on Valentine’s Day.

‘The teacher insists there should not be a different attitude to this holiday.

‘We are looking into the incident.’

Earlier this month, a 14-year-old Russian girl became the first to be punished under the ‘gay propaganda’ law.

The teen from the Bryansk region stood up in class, angry with the new federal law, and came out to the class.

She was suspended, the incident was put on her criminal record, and after she got home her father beat her so badly she went to hospital.

Russia’s oldest human rights organization, Moscow Helsinki Group, has said the anti-gay laws are harming children.

It has claimed Vladimir Putin’s lawmakers are acting in opposition to international law, which always ensures the interest of a child is protected, and are just making laws of interest in ‘preserving Russian family values.’