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Russian law to take kids from gay parents will fail, admits top politician

Russian law to take kids from gay parents will fail, admits top politician

A champion of Russia’s anti-gay laws has admitted a bill designed to take away children from lesbian and gay parents will fail.

State Duma (parliament) Deputy Yelena Mizulina is head of the Family, Women and Children Duma Committee which debated the law today.

But she admitted the probability of it passing is ‘almost zero’.

It came as a small group of protestors, dressed as staff from a mental hospital, protested outside parliament suggesting Mizulina should be incarcerated for her crazy attitudes on LGBT rights.

Gay Russia reports Mizulina as saying: ‘If we imagine that such a bill is passed, it will mean that we actually then arrange some kind of filtering of the total adult population. And it’s not serious.’

The bill was put forward by Alexey Zhuravlev of President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, sparking alarm around the world.

Leading Moscow-based LGBT rights activist Nikolay Alexeyev told GSN: ‘For me it was very clear from the beginning such a law could not be passed in Russia even with this homophobic regime.

‘Also because the situation generally is very tense now because of the Olympic Games and the focus of the international community on Russia.

‘It was intended as PR for a deputy [Zhuravlev] who no one had heard of before.’

The law will not be debated until in the Duma until next spring and then is likely to be defeated.

Mizulina is behind a bid to take criminal action against Alexeyev, accusing him of having tried to discredit her ‘to the detriment of Russia as a whole’.

Her protests have led to increased harassment of the activist, including a police raid on his house.

Meanwhile five LGBT activists picketed the State Duma in Moscow at around 1pm local time today wearing medical while coats.

They said deputies, including Mizulina, needed mental health care for their part in passing the law to ban gay propaganda.

They offered her, Zhuravlev and other deputies a ‘free psychiatric evaluation’.

The police did not make any arrests, despite it being an unplanned protest, and may not have realized they were campaigning for LGBT rights.

The timing of the protest may have been a coincidence as LGBT activists didn’t know Mizulina’s committee would debate the new bill today.