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Russian LGBTI activist charged with homosexuality ‘propaganda’

Russian LGBTI activist charged with homosexuality ‘propaganda’

A group of Russian LGBTI activists

Authorities recently charged a Russian LGBTI activist with spreading ‘propaganda of homosexuality among minors’.

The Russian LGBT Network, which is working with activist Alexander Yubors, first reported the incident. Authorities charged Yubors at 1 July, following his participation in several LGBTI events.

According to the LGBTI organization, Yubors received a subpoena on 28 June to appear before Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kirovskiy district of Yaroslavl. Russian authorities reportedly brought him in under article 6.21 of the Administrative Code — ‘propaganda of non-traditional homosexual relations’.

When Yubors arrived at the Ministry, someone had drawn up a protocol under article 6.21 He consequently testified in writing that he did not agree with the protocol and maintained his innocence.

Yubors is the leader of the Yaroslavl ‘Callisto’ LGBT movement, a member of the Russian LGBT Network.

He released a statement on behalf of himself and the Callisto group.

‘This case has no precedent in Yaroslavl. We, ‘Callisto’ LGBT movement, consider the article 6.21 of the Administrative Code to be unconstitutional that violates human rights, and we advocate for its abolition because its main purpose is to pressure a minority that is objectionable to the government,’ he said.

‘We’re not scared of any protocols. We will continue to advocate for and defend the rights of LGBT people.’

A country’s continued mission against homosexuality

Despite President Vladimir Putin’s claims that people’s criticism of Russia’s anti-LGBTI policies are ‘mistaken’, actions in the country say otherwise.

In May, a group of men raided an LGBTI activist’s home in Russia. The men threatened to kill anyone helping LGBTI Chechens escape. Chechnya, a federal subject of Russia, is continuing to round up LGBTI people and torture them.

Despite this, support for gay rights has reached an all-time high in Russia and activists continue to speak out.

The Russian LGBT Network initially said authorites wanted to charge Yubors with organizing an illegal march before these new charges manifested. They also provided Yubors with a lawyer.

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