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Russian toy store accused of gay propaganda

Parent's Committee, the Russian version of One Million Moms, claims the game forces children to act out 'homosexual seductions'

Russian toy store accused of gay propaganda

A Russian toy store is being accused of gay propaganda for selling a game promoting ‘homosexual seduction’.

Prosecutors have confirmed the toy store chain Katyusha is under investigation, and under the law could be shut down and fined one million roubles ($30,500, €22,000).

A complaint was lodged by the Parent’s Committee, which could be described as the Russian version of ultra conservative outrage US group One Million Moms.

The group claims the game, Forfeits, violates the gay propaganda law by instructing players to ‘act out the seduction of members of the same sex like in an erotic film’.

The game is labelled for children 12 and older.

In fact, the game works by having players complete tasks like, for example, drawing a butterfly. If the other players can’t guess the drawing then they have to do something funny, like walk like an Egyptian.

The makers of the game, Gamer, will be informed of the prosecutor’s investigation after 30 days.

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