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Russian trans man fired from his medical teaching job and then attacked

Russian trans man fired from his medical teaching job and then attacked

Richard Blake was fired from his job and then attacked for being trans

A trans man has spoken out after he was fired from his teaching job at a medical school and then being beaten up in Russia.

Richard Blake was walking home from a party in St Petersburg on Saturday evening (8 August) when a man, who he described as ‘twice his size’, started following him.

When they reached a bus stop, the attacker then called him a slur that can be loosely translated to  ‘tranny cock’.

As Blake was listening to music, he couldn’t hear the footsteps behind him. But when he heard the slur being yelled, he looked up and the man started hitting him in the head.

The attacker continued to beat Blake until a passerby spotted the attack and shouted. Blake then took the opportunity to ran away.

Bloody, bruised and feeling broken, he ran home before he made a statement to the police.

‘The head is still very sore. I have abrasions, bruises, a black eye. I treated the wounds at home. But when I felt sick and dizzy, I went to the hospital.’

Blake remains in medical care with a concussion.

Last year Blake was outed as a trans man by Timur Isaev, a man who boasts he has had over 30 teachers fired for being LGBTI.

Isaev had sent a 14-page ‘investigation’ to his bosses at the medical school. He explained how Blake has LGBTI friends, compared photos from his past, and showed how active he was in supporting LGBTI rights. Isaev even explained the scars that Blake had from his top surgery with diagrams. Blake was then fired from his job, which included teaching young people first aid.

Isaev has denied he has anything to do with the attack.

The nationwide ‘gay propaganda’ law was enforced in Russia in June 2013.