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Russia’s fresh attack on trans and same-sex couples is a ‘crime against humanity’

Russia’s fresh attack on trans and same-sex couples is a ‘crime against humanity’

  • The woman who wrote Russia’s anti-LGBT+ ‘propaganda’ law is pushing a new hate-filled bill.
Yelena Mizulina.

A group of Russian politicians has introduced a bill which will undermine trans rights, further ban same-sex marriage and could split up families.

The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights has warned it will ‘destroy families, careers, and people’s lives’.

The full provisions of the bill are not yet clear. However it will tighten the ban on same-sex marriage and adoption.

Indeed it will even ban opposite sex marriages for trans people. Citizens will have to prove they are the same gender as at birth before marrying.

Moreover, the human rights lawyers say it will stop trans people from updating their birth certificate and other documents to reflect their true gender.

And they claim it will make Russian prisons place trans women in male jails and trans men in female ones.

Russia already forbids same-sex marriage and has a law against adoption by same-sex couples. But the new bill may threaten families where a single LGBT+ person has adopted a child.

From the author of Russia’s ‘propaganda’ law

The politicians are responding to the new constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Russia. The new constitution says marriage is ‘a voluntary union of a man and a woman aimed at creating a family’.

This was part of a raft of 206 new constitutional amendments voters passed with a simple yes/ no referendum at the start of this month. The amendments also give President Vladimir Putin the chance to hold on to power until at least 2036.

The politicians introduced the Mizulina-Narusova Bill to the Federation Council – the upper house of Russia’s parliament – yesterday.

The bill takes its name from two of its authors, senators Yelena Mizulina and Lyudmila Narusova. Other co-authors are Elena Afanasyeva, Alexander Bashkin, Rimma Galushina and Maxim Kavdzharadze.

The authors are leading the Provisional Commission of the Federation Council for preparing proposals to ‘improve’ Russia’s Family Code.

Moreover, Mizulina has a long track record of damaging LGBT+ rights in Russia.

She was an author of the country’s infamous LGBT+ Russian propaganda law. And she believes officials should treat people who use the phrase ‘gays are people too’ as extremists.

Furthermore, Mizulina has previously stated the authorities should confiscate children from gay parents. This includes taking children from their biological parents if they are LGBT+.

Her bizarre views include believing that if you allow prisoners to do yoga in jail, it could turn them gay.

Russian news agency TASS reports Mizulina as saying: 

‘The bill terminates the practice of marriage between persons of the same sex, including sex-changing, and, accordingly, the adoption of such pairs of children.’

‘Large-scale violations of rights and freedoms’

The Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights has warned the politicians proposals are a ‘crime against humanity’.

They say the text of the bill shows all citizens will have to prove their genetic gender before marriage. This will mean showing a certificate with the number and structure of their chromosomes. Therefore, people with genetic or hormonal disorders won’t be able to wed.

Activist Maria Arkhipova said the bill will lead to ‘large-scale violations of human rights and freedoms’.

She warns it will ‘become an instrument for destroying families, careers, existing lives of people who have been married for decades and have children’.

Indeed, Arkhipova even likens the bill to the Nuremberg law, passed by the Nazis in 1935. This paved the way for the Holocaust.