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Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes successful surgery for lung cancer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes successful surgery for lung cancer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent successful surgery for lung cancer on Friday (21 December). Doctors performed a pulmonary lobectomy for two malignant nodules in her lung.

Ginsburg, 85, is a liberal judge on the highest court in the US, originally appointed by President Bill Clinton. Throughout her career, she has been a critical ally for the LGBTI community.

The Supreme Court released a statement about the surgery, noting that after ‘there was no evidence of any remaining disease’.

According to the statement, doctors discovered the nodules during tests following her fall on 7 November. She suffered rib fractures from the fall.

Doctors detected no other evidence of the disease in her body and consequently have no more treatments planned.

The state of the Supreme Court

Confirmed Supreme Court appointees serve for life.

There are nine justices on the court bench, including the chief justice. Republican presidents appointed five of the current justices and Democratic presidents appointed the other four.

Donald Trump has appointed two justices since assuming office.

The first was Neil Gorsuch during Barack Obama’s term, following the death of former Justice Antonin Scalia. Republican senators refused to confirm Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland, paving the way for Gorsuch’s nomination.

Trump’s second nominee, following Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, was Brett Kavanaugh. He was confirmed following a contentious debate involved sexual assault allegations.

Ginsburg, fondly dubbed by the internet as the Notorious RBG, has previouosly battled both colon and pancreatic cancer.

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