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São Paulo marries its first gay couple

São Paulo marries its first gay couple

SãoPaulo celebrated yesterday its first gay marriage without judicial intervention.

Mario Domingos Grego and Gledson Perrone Cordeiro exchanged vows in one of the SãoPaulo’s notary offices, wearing t-shirts imprinted with their photographs and a message calling for marriage equality.

This marks the first time a same-sex couple registered as married in the city without having to be registered first as a civil union.

On 5 May 2011, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court granted same-sex couples in stable partnerships the same rights as straight couples, and on 27 June 2011, a judge in SãoPaulo converted for the first time a same-sex civil union into a same-sex marriage.

From that point, a resolution was passed to permit other same-sex civil unions be transferred to marriage status.

‘It was exciting,’ said Grego at his marriage ceremony.

‘We finally conquered a right that we were trying to achieve years ago’.