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London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Donald Trump is the ‘poster boy of the far-right’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Donald Trump is the ‘poster boy of the far-right’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan hit out at the rise of the far-right movement across the world, taking a swipe at US President Donald Trump.

During the Mayor’s Pride Reception at City Hall last night (3 June), the Labour mayor warmly welcomed his LGBTI guests.

‘It’s really important for us to be here today,’ he said. ‘Some people call me Sadiq, some people call me the Mayor of London. Some people call me a “stone cold loser”.’

This is a reference to Donald Trump tweeting last month: ‘Sadiq Khan… has done a terrible job as Mayor of London. [He] has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States.’

Trump then added: ‘He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me.’

Donald Trump tweet about Sadiq Khan
Donald Trump tweet about Sadiq Khan. | Photo: Twitter

In July last year, President Trump also said Sadiq Khan was doing a ‘very bad job’ on terrorism and crime.

Sadiq Khan: LGBTI rights are going backwards

During Sadiq Khan’s speech, he spoke about his heartbreak over a brutal homophobic attack on a London bus last month.

He also warned against the rise of the far-right movement.

‘We’ve seen the rise of homophobia and transphobia in our country,’ he said. ‘But also, we’ve seen the rise of [the] populist far-right movement. We’ve seen, let’s be frank, the poster boy of the far-right movement in Donald Trump.’

Khan then added: ‘We’ve seen in Hungary, in Italy, in France, in our country, things that we thought were in the fringes are now in the mainstream. That’s why it’s really important [for] all of us to celebrate the rights that many of you have campaigned for, but also we remember we must never be complacent.

‘We’ve got to call out those politicians who use homophobic language. We’ve gotta call out those politicians who claim to be allies of — let’s be frank — Muslim bigots outside of a school in Birmingham,’ he said.

He said it’s all about intersectional activism and caring about the rights of other minorities.

‘One of the great things about being a Londoner is you’re free to be who you want to be and free to love who you want to love,’ he said. ‘Let’s not be complacent.

‘And let’s make sure that on Saturday, we march with Pride but also we remember that in our city, there’s more progress to be made. As long as I’m the Mayor, you will have, in city, a proud LGBTQ+ ally,’ he said.

Khan also revealed he helped bring two LGBTI people together at the Mayor’s Pride Reception two years ago. The couple are still together and were present last night.

‘Happy second anniversary!’ he said.

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