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Sam Smith: I can’t wait to perform at Mardi Gras and don’t want to go back to COVID-19 Europe

Sam Smith: I can’t wait to perform at Mardi Gras and don’t want to go back to COVID-19 Europe

  • Sam Smith is headlining at Sydney’s legendary LGBT+ Mardi Gras tomorrow.
Sam Smith To Die For

Sam Smith is delighted to be in their spiritual home of Australia but is scared of returning to Europe because of coronavirus.

Singer Smith is in Sydney to headline the city’s LGBT+ Mardi Gras tomorrow (29 February).

Touching down in the country this week they posted on Instagram about looking forward to the performance.

They said: ‘Sydney. I’m home, and I can’t wait for this weekend. I’m a Mardi Gras virgin and I’m ready for my cherry to be popped.’

But appearing on TV show The Project, they said they are really worried about COVID-19.

The 27-year-old said: ‘I literally just texted my mum saying “I’m really scared about the coronavirus.”’

The project host Carrie Bickmore told them they would be ok in Australia because ‘you’re girt by sea here, so you’re safe’.

But Smith replied: ‘Yeah, but I’ve got to go back to Europe and I’m hearing that it is going nuts. Are you kidding me? I don’t like it.’

Smith lets tour slip

Meanwhile Smith joked after accidentally letting slip that Australian fans can expect a tour later this year.

They said the tour would be ‘This year at some point’.

But then they looked at their publicist before laughingly adding: ‘Yeah. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but it’s obvious.’

The English singer-songwriter is most famous for his hits including Money on My Mind, Stay With Me and the Oscar-winning song Writing’s on the Wall for James Bond film Spectre.

The genderqueer Grammy Award winner is also promoting their new album, To Die For while in Australia.

It’s Smith’s third album and they have said ‘I am more proud of this album than anything I’ve ever done. I have really set myself free the last two years whilst writing this and I hope you can dance and relate to these stories.’