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WATCH: This is what Sam Smith's tagline would be on Real Housewives

It's certainly on the naughtier side...

WATCH: This is what Sam Smith's tagline would be on Real Housewives
Sam Smith talks Real Housewives and the Kim and Taylor feud. | Photo: YouTube/WWHL

When singer Sam Smith recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the topic of Real Housewives came up.

During a portion of the show where people can call in with question, someone called in to ask Smith what his tagline would be if he was on Real Housewives.

‘I’ve only watched Season 1 [of Atlanta],’ Smith admits with a guilty expression.

After Cohen gives some example taglines, Smith sits back, wondering what his would be.

Then we find out: ‘I think mine would just be I’m a Dick Monster.’

Everyone bursts into laughter (understandably), including Smith himself holding his glass of red wine.

‘What would the definition of dick monster be?’ Cohen asks, genuinely interested.

‘Well, it would just mean you hunt for the dick,’ Smith responds matter-of-factly.

Later on in the episode, Smith partakes in a segment called Plead the Fifth. Cohen asks Smith three questions and Smith can plead the fifth on only one.

And it gets juicy.

The first question is for Smith to name one of the pop stars he referenced in a 2015 interview as ‘awful’. After some adorable deliberating, Smith ultimately pleaded the fifth.

But that means he has to answer the next two.

Cohen dives right in, asking Smith what he thinks of the Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian feud.

‘Taylor Swift, I don’t know her too well,’ he acknowledges. ‘It’s been made out we know each other, but I’ve only met her maybe five times very briefly. I know Kim more.’

However, when asked about teams, he coyly responds: ‘Well, there are no teams, are there, really?’

As for the feud, he simply says he wants to know all the details.

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