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Sam Smith unleashes ‘inner dancing queen’ with new single

Sam Smith unleashes ‘inner dancing queen’ with new single

A still from new Sam Smith release How Do You Sleep? (Photo: Provided)

Sam Smith dropped new single How Do You Sleep on Friday (19 July).

‘It’s time to dance darlings’ the Stay With Me singer said. ‘This year, both personally and musically, I feel so free. More than ever I have had so much fun making this record and this video.’

The genderqueer non-binary musician earlier said on Twitter he had ‘never been this excited for a release’.

Smith begins the song by singing ‘I’m done hating myself for feeling’.

The track quickly develops a pumping backing track and a catchy chorus.

Smith performs an elaborate, sensual dance routine with a number of half-naked men.

Smith teamed up with renowned songwriter/producer Max Martin and Avan Kotecha. The video was coragraphedb y Parris Goebel and directed by Grant Singer.

It comes after a successful year for Smith. Dancing With a Stranger has had one billion streams, was number one for airplay in UK and US. It has gone platinomum in 15 countries.

Sam Smith comes out as non-binary genderqueer

Sam Smith came out as non-binary genderqueer in March this year, revealing he’s comfortable still using male pronouns.

Speaking to The Good Place actor Jameela Jamil, Smith spoke about his body issues in the show I Weigh.

He outlined the struggles he went through and said he came out as gay at age 10, but then struggled with issues of gender for years.

Sam Smith during the Pride in London parade
Sam Smith during the Pride in London parade. | Photo: James Besanvalle

Smith said he is now embracing a ‘non-binary genderqueer’ identity.

When asked what he meant by those terms, Smith said ‘you do not identify in a gender’.

‘You are a mixture of all these different things. You are your own special creation,’ he said.

‘That is how I take it. I am not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between — somewhat on the spectrum.’

Sam Smith also recently marched in Pride in London, calling it the most ‘proud to be queer’ in his life.