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Sam Smith wants to date an older man as they search for lockdown love

Sam Smith wants to date an older man as they search for lockdown love

  • Also what they are doing with their Oscar and the two places they most want to visit after lockdown.
Sam Smith

Sam Smith is hoping to date an older man as they look for love using an exclusive celebrity dating site.

The non-binary singer, now aged 27, last had a serious relationship with actor Brandon Flynn, 26. But the pair broke up in June 2018 after nine months together.

Meanwhile Smith has revealed one consolation of lockdown is they get to enjoy their Oscar.

They won the Academy Award, and a Golden Globe, in 2016 for their James Bond Spectre theme, The Writing’s On The Wall. At the time, Smith famously dedicated the Oscar to the LGBT+ community.

Now they told The Sun that lockdown has given them the opportunity to take it out of the safe:

‘I usually keep it in my safe, but since I’ve been at home I keep it out.

‘I feel like I’m here, I can protect it. Whenever I’m away on tour I put it away, because you can’t get another one if it gets nicked or anything.’

Smith also told the tabloid newspaper what they are most looking forward to once coronavirus restrictions lift.

They said: ‘I just cannot wait for McDonald’s. McDonalds and a gay bar, that is all I need.’

‘I think I want to be with someone older’

Meanwhile Smith has also been talking about their search for a new relationship on SiriusXM.

And it seems they are already crushing on guys.

They said: ‘You get attached to guys, and then you’re forming quarantine relationships over the phone, it’s a dangerous path.’

Moreover, Smith reveals they are looking for a mature man.

‘I think I want to be with someone older now. I need someone who has passions and has their own drive. It’s nice to be able to date on your phone. I haven’t done it in years – I just want the romance.’

The Daily Mail reports that Smith uses the exclusive celebrity dating app Raya. Other celebrities using the app are thought to include  Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson and Tom Felton.

Membership of Raya costs $10 a month. But to join, an existing member must recommend you. After that, Raya searches your social media profiles and a membership committee votes on whether to let you in.

Only around 8% of people apparently manage to join. And with almost comic arrogance, Raya apparently doesn’t notify people it rejects. Instead unsuccessful applicants say their membership is kept ‘pending’ for months. Most successfully move on with their lives.