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Same-sex couple shocked to be refused wedding cake by baker in New Zealand

Same-sex couple shocked to be refused wedding cake by baker in New Zealand

Partners Sasha Patrick and Moe Barr are marrying next year

A same-sex couple from Australia are ‘shocked and upset’ after a cakemaker turned down their request for a wedding cake.

Moe Barr and Sasha Patrick live in Brisbane, Australia. They got engaged last year, before the country voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Because of this, they decided to hold their ceremony in New Zealand. Patrick is originally from New Zealand and Barr from Canada. They are planning their ceremony for next January in Waipu in Northland.

New Zealand introduced civil unions for same-sex couples in 2005 and same-sex marriage in 2013.

The women approached Kath’s Devine Cakes in Warkworth to make their cake. However, Barr received an email declining to make the cake. They shared the message on social media.

The email messages from Kath's Devine Cakes in New Zealand

The message said:

‘Hi Maureen and Sasha, thank you for your inquiry regarding a wedding cake for the 19th January.
I do not wish to offend either of you and I thank you for letting me know that it is a same sex wedding. Even though as individuals you are both fabulous and amazing people, I must follow the integrity of my heart and beliefs. Our government has legalized same sex marriages, but it is not my belief that it is correct, therefore I will not support it and cannot make your wedding cake for you.
Kind regards, Kath.’

Other cakemakers come to their rescue

‘We’re glad we found out at this point because it could have really affected our plans if it had happened closer to the wedding,’ Patrick told Stuff.

‘But ever since we shared the email on Facebook we’ve had other offers to make the cake which we’ll look in to.’

In the US, several cake makers have declined to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples. One case recently ended up debated by the Supreme Court.

Last month, SCOTUS voted by 7-2 in favor of Masterpiece cakeshop in Colorado. The cakeshop had declined a wedding cake for a same-sex couple and then been accused of discrimination by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The Supreme Court reversed the decision.

New Zealand has anti-discrimination laws enshrined in its Human Rights Act with regard to sexual orientation. GSN has reached out to Barr and Patrick to ask if they are considering legal action.

GSN has messaged Kath’s Devine Cakes for further comment.

UPDATE: Sasha tells GSN that she and Moe and not looking at taking legal action: ‘We just hoped to raise awareness on the issue and that fact that discrimination should not be tolerated.

‘People have been so kind and supportive. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of sweet messages we’ve received. We were also lucky enough to find Just Jess Cake Co in Auckland, who very generously offered to make our wedding cake for us.’

H/T: Stuff

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