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Same-sex pairings on Dancing on Ice might not be so easy, says judge

Same-sex pairings on Dancing on Ice might not be so easy, says judge

Jason Gardiner

For over a decade, Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice have been staples of British TV.

But over recent years, there have been more and more calls for the dance shows to move with the times and include same-sex dance pairings.

While voices calling for greater inclusivity are growing louder and louder, one Dancing on Ice judge has suggested that one reason for the hold up is due to logistical issues.

Jason Gardiner, who has been judging on the ITV show on-and-off since 2004, says he fully backs Dancing on Ice including same-sex dance couples.

‘I’m all for it if people were open to it and I’m sure ITV would have no problem with embracing that,’ said Gardiner.

But, the judge says, same-sex pairing might pose problems when it comes to the dance routines, Heart Radio reports.

‘Where it gets difficult is in terms of content, because what happens with the male-female ratio is that generally speaking the male is taller than the female so, therefore, the female, slighter, will be able to be lifted,’ Gardiner added.

‘When you’ve got two men generally about the same build or shape or height that’s where it starts to get difficult.

‘It’s difficult to press somebody your own size above your head, we would then find it would be a new way of having to present that and that’s a challenge, but I would welcome it absolutely.’

Increased calls for same-sex pairings

Increased calls for same-sex representation in the mainstream dance shows have come from both by fans and former contestants.

This has been particularly true of the BBC show, Strictly, with calls in support coming from former stars such as Dr. Ranj SinghRev. Richard Coles, Robert Rinder, and pro-dancer Kevin Clifton saying that he’d have ‘no problem’ dancing with a man.

In October, Strictly’s first same-sex dance routine made up of the professional dancers was routine was lauded by fans.

While neither ITV or the BBC has announced plans to include same-sex dance pairings, the issue calls in favor of shaking up the format are unlikely to die down anytime soon.

Dancing on Ice will be returning to ITV on 6 January.

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