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San Diego Pride set to continue as double booking conflict resolves

San Diego Pride set to continue as double booking conflict resolves

San Diego Pride to continue

San Diego Pride is set to continue as two organizations resolves conflict.

The conflict started when LGBT Community Pride reserved the location and dates of the 2017 Pride while San Diego LGBT Pride ran the event in the past. The double booking caused confusion in the city of San Diego since it was unclear which group would be leading the parade.

Leaders of the two groups have come together and decided LGBT Community Pride would disband.

The LGBT Community Pride was started in August this year when some members were unhappy with the way things were run, and started their own organization. According to William Rodriguez-Kennedy, a former San Diego Pride board member most of the issues had been resolved and everyone will now work together to ensure Pride runs smoothly.

San Diego Pride also appointed new board members and candidates. City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez and GSDBA CEO Barbra Blake will chair the community advisory council.

In a statement issued, Pride Board Co Chair Bianca Burt said: ‘Together, as a community, we are excited to continue our efforts to expand our advocacy, education and community organizing. We plan to lead by example and believe that this will strengthen the organization and our community as a whole.’

In the statement the organization said their mission is: ‘Fostering pride in respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, locally, nationally, and globally.’

San Diego pride is scheduled for the last weekend of July 2017.