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San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus perform It Gets Better anthem

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus perform It Gets Better anthem

Testimony, a composition penned by Broadway song writer Stephen Schwartz for the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus is being hailed as an 'anthem' for the It Gets Better project.

The collaboration between the SFGMC and Schwartz came about after the singing group approached the Wicked and Godspell songwriter for permission to perform a concert of his greatest work.

Impressed by the near 300-strong chorus' reputation and talent, Schwartz not only gave his permission, but penned an exclusive piece for the show.

Speaking about the inspiration behind Testimony, Schwartz explains: 'I wanted to do something that was subject matter meaningful to the Chorus itself, to the organization, that's when I started thinking about the 'It Gets Better Project.'

Schwartz watched roughly 100 YouTube videos and read the It Gets Better book to find quotes, phrases and emotions to put into the composition. Lines in this touching song include 'It gets more than better, it gets amazing and astounding'.

Testimony was premiered on the 20th of March at the Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco in amongst performances of songs from Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Enchanted.

A video performance of Testimony performed by the SFGMC and directed by Walt Shires has been posted on YouTube and has gathered over 20,000 hits.

Watch the video below: