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Sandi Toksvig starts her own political party to fight for equality

Sandi Toksvig starts her own political party to fight for equality

Lesbian comic Sandi Toksvig has started a new political party in order to fight for equality.

The Danish-British comedian announced earlier this week she would be quitting the host role of BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz after nine years.

‘I have made jokes over and over again about politics and, do you know, this election I’ve had enough,’ she said.

‘And I have decided that instead of making jokes about it, I need to participate.’

She announced on BBC Radio 4 that the new political group will be called the Women’s Equality Party.

‘It is a fantastic group of women – and indeed men – who have decided that enough is enough and we need to make some changes,’ Toksvig added.

While candidates for the Women’s Equality Party will not be put forward for next week’s election, she said it would be ‘very possible’ that MPs will get elected in 2020.

Toksvig said she wants attract the 9.1 million women and 7 million men who did not vote in the last election.

‘Why are people not engaging with politics? Because I don’t think the people standing represent the diversity of this country,’ she added.

‘The party’s going to be non-partisan. It’s not going to be right or left. It’s going to be a very pragmatic, female approach to things, which is to say, "What is the problem that we have in front of us? And what is the most practical and possible way in which we can solve this?"

‘I want the party to attract people from all sides.’