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Sara Ramirez pushes the positivity at start of BiHealthMonth

Sara Ramirez pushes the positivity at start of BiHealthMonth

Uplifting: Sara Ramirez connected with fans to draw positive stories. Photo: Sara Ramirez Facebook

Bisexual actress Sara Ramirez is lighting up Twitter with positivity during BiHealthMonth – which is now in case you didn’t already know.

The Grey’s Anatomy star connected with her 824k Twitter followers, asking them to share messages of acceptance from ‘monosexual’ allies.

‘In honor of #BiHealthMonth I’d like 2 ask #Bi+ (bi,pan,queer) community of all genders & colors: Could you please share stories of when our allies (monosexuals: straight/gay/lesbian identified folk) stood up 4 you, showed you acceptance & respect & loved you for you?’

Heartwarming bi tales of support from ‘monosexual’ allies

So far she’s received dozens of heartwarming tales from other bi folk sharing how their friends and family supported them.

Jo Bob shared a touching story of real fraternal support from her brother: ‘After I came out to my Catholic homophobic family, my older brother told me he would play guitar for my wedding if I wanted no matter who I was marrying. It was just a little thing but it was really sweet’

Another follower, ‘mick’, wrote about how her dad supports all LGBTIs: ‘My dad, a straight man, has routinely defended gay rights and me being bisexual to our much more conservative family. He has learned about bi/pan/queer identities and has routinely defended their validity’

It’s a great idea, Sara, and really highlights all the positive reactions from our ‘allies’ in a world where there is so much focus on negativity.

It’s also a fab way to start this year’s BiHealthMonth campaign. We want to see more stories like this.

BiHealthMonth, by the way, was founded by the Bisexual Resource Centre, America’s oldest national bisexual organisation.

Throughout the month of March, the campaign aims to improve the bisexual+ community’s well-being by focusing on representation needs and achievements in media, politics and advocacy, healthcare, and education.

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