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Sarah Jessica Parker wants Ellen DeGeneres to play Samantha in Sex and the City 3

Sarah Jessica Parker wants Ellen DeGeneres to play Samantha in Sex and the City 3

Will Sex and the City 3 star Ellen DeGeneres?

Sarah Jessica Parker has decided who she wants to replace Kim Cattrall as Samantha in Sex and the City.

That’s right: Ellen DeGeneres.

Well, that’s if Stephen Colbert doesn’t get the role first.

Speaking on the Ellen show, Parker was asked about the future of the HBO franchise.

Ellen on playing Samantha: ‘That is me – I am a sexual beast!’

Not ever calling Cattrall by name, DeGeneres asked: ‘So she’s not coming back but you can still do it without her, right?’

‘I think there’s a period of grief, a mourning process. And then perhaps we’ll be able to consider, for instance, you playing Samantha.’

DeGeneres joked: ‘That’s who I identify with on that show!

‘That is me – I am a sexual beast!

‘This is a facade. When you meet me as a real person out in the world, this is a facade. This is my talk show persona!’

Will there be a Sex and the City 3?

Clarifying about whether there will be a Sex and the City 3, Parker said: ‘I feel like maybe, I don’t know. I’ve just got to make up an answer.

‘Because who knows? Right now I don’t know.’

Cattrall has said she repeatedly refused to play Samantha again in another film.

‘It’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no,’ that I’m demanding or a diva,’ Cattrall said.

Kim Cattrall is open for other actresses to play Samantha

‘And this is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City, and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer.’

But Cattrall isn’t opposed to another actress playing her part.

‘I played it past the finish line and then some, and I loved it,’ she said.

‘And another actress should play it. Maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones, or a Hispanic Samantha Jones.’