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SATC star Jason Lewis describes homophobes’ reaction to him playing gay character on TV

SATC star Jason Lewis describes homophobes’ reaction to him playing gay character on TV

Jason Lewis in Sex and the City | Photo: HBO

Sex and the City star Jason Lewis has discussed the reactions from bigots to him playing a gay character on his current show Midnight, Texas.

The actor plays a gay fallen angel in the supernatural drama series broadcast by NBC.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in Australia, Jason said: ‘Joe is a little over the petty sexual concerns of the average human being. He’s been around too long (being 1000 years old) to look at somebody through such narrow values and assess them.’

He furthermore added: ‘I really quite like working on a show like this, especially in the [political] climate of such intolerance because we kind of to get to poke fun at that a little bit. Yeah, cool, be intolerant of us and see how well that goes for you.’

‘[Abuse] doesn’t exist in one sexuality’

Jason also discussed the Me Too movement with the publication, saying it applies to men as well as women.

Explaining the abuse ‘doesn’t exist in one sexuality’, he went on: ‘It exists in people and the pain that they’ve parlayed forward and become a monster so they can answer to some monstrosity done to them.’

Jason rose to fame on iconic HBO show Sex and the City as Smith Jerrod, the boyfriend of Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha Jones.

Earlier this year, Jason spoke out on the feud between Kim and her former SATC costar Sarah Jessica Parker.

He said at the time: ‘I would have to say that Sarah was always just so lovely and such a consummate professional. And I think that people should remember their graciousness and the things that have been given to them.’He furthermore continued: ‘And I’m going to stop there because I’ve got nothing good to say.’