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School bus driver tells 11-year-old girl she’s going to ‘burn in hell’ for being gay

School bus driver tells 11-year-old girl she’s going to ‘burn in hell’ for being gay

A Missouri school bus driver told an 11-year-old girl she was going to ‘burn in hell’ for being gay.

Maurissa Rushing, a fifth grade student at Pathway Academy in Kansas City, had been playing a game with a friend of hers on the ride to school last week.

And when they got there, the bus driver let everyone off apart from them. She then took them to the back of the bus to lecture them for being gay and would burn in hell.

‘She was talking really bad to me and I didn’t like that,’ Maurissa, crying, told local Fox affiliate WDAF.

‘She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had.’

Maurissa explained the bus driver sat down them and ‘said that we are gonna burn in hell real bad…I didn’t expect it to happen.’

The two girls had been playing a game where they chase each other’s fingers up and down her arm. Maurissa said the driver told her she was ‘touching her best friend too much, and she was gay for it’.

‘She hurt my feelings very bad,’ she added.

When Maurissa and her best friend were finally allowed to go to class, she told a teacher. Maurissa’s mother was not informed the entire day.

‘I feel like she was all day by herself, dealing with it. How do you deal with that at 11?,’ Patricia Rushing said.

‘She’s been through so much, she just did not deserve to be put in this situation. It’s not fair.’

Pathway Academy claimed it was not their responsibility to notify parents of incidents on the bus, and that it is First Student’s job (who operates the bus) to reach out.

First Student said the unnamed bus driver was immediately fired.