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School kids compete in rainbow bake-off celebrating LGBTI history month

School kids compete in rainbow bake-off celebrating LGBTI history month

Girl decorating rainbow cake

A handful of excited students competed in the annual Great Rainbow BakeOff celebrating LGBTI history month on Friday (8 February).

Seven schools – Westminster Academy, Priory Academies, Newham Sixth Form College, Copdock & Bentley Primary, George Mitchell, Frederick Bremer and Bexley Grammar School – participated in the colorful event, held at George Mitchell School in Leytonstone, East London.

Their challenge was to create a colorful culinary treat around the theme of peace, activism and reconciliation.

Cake decorations
Cake decorations. | Photo: Tom Dingley Photography

The students made rainbow cakes, complete with their very own decorations, made from scratch.

Dr Elly Barnes is the founder of the charity that organized the event Educate & Celebrate. The charity helps schools develop LGBTI-friendly resources for young people, families and teachers.

‘The depth of thought that goes into each design is astonishing,’ she said. ‘I love the storytelling.’

Rainbow cake with 'educate' and 'celebrate' on the top
Photo: Tom Dingley Photography

The judges for the competition were Scott Nunn, co-founder of Gay Star News, singer-songwriter Jordan Gray and Lady Phyll, co-founder and director of UK Black Pride.

‘It’s absolutely amazing,’ said long-standing judge Scott Nunn. ‘There’s not one kid who doesn’t put their heart and soul into the bake-off.’

[Left to right] Judges Scott Nunn, Lady Phyll and Jordan Gray
[Left to right] Judges Scott Nunn, Lady Phyll and Jordan Gray. | Photo: Tom Dingley Photography
Patron of Educate & Celebrate Jordan Gray said: ‘I think it’s important, the way they do things.

She then added: ‘They manage to get the message across of LGBTI, diversity and inclusion through the medium of something very, very fun!’

And the winners are…

Baking for three hours, the students then explained why their cakes should win the top spot.

The judges based their decision on taste, wow factor and relevance to the theme.

Rainbow Bake-off
Rainbow bake-off. | Photo: Tom Dingley Photography

They then awarded Copdock and Bentley Primary as the primary school winner.

They also announced two overall joint winners – Frederick Bremer and George Mitchell Secondary.

One student from Frederick Bremer said: ‘It’s very important [we’re here today] because we like cake… but also to show support for the LGBTI community.’

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