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WATCH: School principal delightfully sings Mariah Carey to tell students they have a snow day

This is how you relate to your students

WATCH: School principal delightfully sings Mariah Carey to tell students they have a snow day
Best. Principal. Ever. | Photo: Facebook/Union Pointe Academy

This is how every school principal should tell their students they have a snow day.

As a majority of the United States continues to face tremendous snowfall and staggeringly low temperatures, many students are enjoying snow days as school is canceled.

Principal Chad Caddell of Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky decided to have fun telling his students they had the day off on Monday (8 January).

By channeling Mariah Carey.

Union Pointe Academy will be closed today, Monday, January 8, due to inclement weather. Our principal, Chad Caddell, has a school closing message for parents and students. Stay warm and safe!

Posted by Union Pointe Academy on Monday, January 8, 2018

Set to the singer’s 1993 tune Hero, Caddell made up his own lyrics.

‘There’s a message,’ he croons. ‘If you like inside your phone. You don’t have to be afraid of what it says. I see streets and roads have shut the city down so I’m reaching out to you and I gotta say: school is canceled for today, go back to bed and go out and play.’

The video quickly went viral when the school posted it to their Facebook page.

As of Tuesday, it has over 430,000 views and 2,300 impressions.

A way to have fun

Caddell wrote the lyrics himself and his wife filmed the video.

‘Honestly, I grew up a big Mariah fan,’ he told PEOPLE. ‘It just gives me a flashback to that slow dance in middle school where the girl at the end told you she just wanted to be friends—but the song is slow so it would be easy to put words to.’

This isn’t the first time, either.

Three years ago, when Caddell was a teacher, he sent out a similar message to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Caddell is in his first year as principal and wants to bring joy to his students.

‘We live in a day where all the news is cynical and tragic and discouraging, and I think people are just hungry for something positive, and something to give them some joy,’ he said. ‘We wanted to create a place where, as teachers, we’re being that adult we needed when we were kids.’

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