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Scotland poised to appoint its first openly gay bishop

Scotland poised to appoint its first openly gay bishop

Kelvin Holdsworth.

The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth might become Scotland’s first openly gay bishop.

Holdsworth, a campaigner for LGBTI rights, is among the candidates for Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, The Times reports.

Anti-LGBTI Bishop Gregor Duncan served as Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway between 2010 and 2018. The seat has been vacant ever since his retirement.

The possible appointment of the gay priest – currently serving as Rector and Provost of the St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow – has been seen by some as a threat to deepen the split between liberal and conservative Anglicans.

Pray for Prince George to be gay

Holdsworth made headlines when he said that Christians should pray for Prince George to be gay.

In January 2017, Holdsworth encouraged people to pray for George ‘to be blessed one day with the love of a fine young gentleman’.

The blog post resurfaced at the end of 2017, causing quite a stir. The minister then apologized for his comment.

‘The ironic comment that I made quite a while ago could be seen as hurtful to members of the Royal Family, a group of people whom I actually rather admire,’ he wrote in a blog post.

‘I’m sorry that something that I wrote has been interpreted in the way that it has. It was not my intention to cause hurt and I regret that this has led to the current focus on Prince George.’

Provost Holdsworth, a former Liberal Democrat candidate, also branded the UK government ‘wicked’ and ‘cruel’. Moreover, he described professional sport as ‘drug-addled, corrupt, nationalistic, sectarian, sexist and homophobic’.

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