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Scotland’s biggest drag queen goes on tour

Scotland’s biggest drag queen goes on tour

Standing at 7’2” in 7” heels, Nancy Clench is Scotland’s self-proclaimed biggest drag queen – literally. Now she is embarking on a tour of the UK.

Known for her eclectic approach to shows, with music, jokes, dancing and DJing, she is planning to perform around the UK later this year.

As well as residencies in Glasgow night clubs Speakeasy and the Polo Lounge, the largest gay venue in Scotland, Nancy has already performed in cities across England. Now she’s preparing for her biggest shows ever.

Clench says: ‘It’s a pleasure to do what I love – entertaining crowds of people across the country – and I can’t wait to get cracking in my new, one Queen show’.

You can read more about Nancy Clench on her website.