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Scottish Catholics 'hurting gay bullying work with marriage fight'

Catholic Church says Scottish schools should teach same-sex marriage is 'risky and dangerous'

Scottish Catholics 'hurting gay bullying work with marriage fight'

LGBT Youth Scotland have hit back at comments made by the Catholic Church in Scotland saying schools should teach that same-sex marriage is dangerous.

As the ‘war’ over same-sex marriage in Scotland continues, the Catholic Church is speaking out against the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence (CFE), which ensures that young people supported around the idea of health and wellbeing.

CFE are also supported by the Equality Act 2010 by ensuring a public duty on schools to both foster good relations and to prevent discrimination.

Peter Kearney, who is director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office, said schools should teach that same-sex relationships were ‘harmful, risky and dangerous’ and they can lead to ‘premature death’.

LGBT Youth Scotland says these messages are both untrue and harmful and undermine anti-discrimination work.

Mhairi McMillan, policy director of LGBT Youth Scotland, says the Scotland for Marriage Campaign requests will set back anti-homophobic work in education.

She said: ‘We are disturbed and saddened by the latest approach taken by the Scotland for Marriage group, which has been to bring the debate into our schools.

‘Evidence clearly shows that talking supportively about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in our schools supports their inclusion, helps prevent homophobia and homophobic bullying and supports the development of positive emotional and physical health and wellbeing for all young people.

‘Surely this is something we should all be able to agree we want for all of Scotland’s young people?’

LGBT Youth Scotland believes it is right and proper different views are heard in relation to the introduction of same-sex marriage.

They say this is a discussion about changes to both civil and religious marriage across Scotland and equality groups have supported all religious bodies’ right to opt-out of conducting same-sex marriages if they choose, but it is definitely not about the Scottish School curriculum.

Scotland for Marriage are campaigning against same-sex marriage, claiming ‘marriage is the union of one man and one woman, for life, excluding all others’.

Their petition is supported by CARE for Scotland, The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, The Christian Institute, Destiny Churches, Scotland, The Evangelical Alliance and The Family Education Trust.

Currently 29,600 people have signed the petition in support of their campaign.

In Stonewall Scotland’s poll, carried out by YouGov, it found two thirds of Scots supported same-sex marriage.

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