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Scrabble adds LGBTI words, including game-changing ‘ze’

Scrabble adds LGBTI words, including game-changing ‘ze’

Scrabble tiles spelling out 'pride'

The Scrabble international dictionary recently updated its list of approved words, including several LGBTI terms. One of the words is a two-letter z-word.

Collins, the publisher for the English Dictionary in Britain, officially approved the words last week. Merriam-Webster, the dictionary that oversees the Scrabble word list for the US and Canada, approved the same words last year. They also approved new LGBTI words for its official dictionary last week.

Players in the US can also use the Collins Scrabble dictionary, which altogether contains more words than Merriam-Webster.

Some of the newly approved words include ‘genderqueer‘, ‘cisgender‘, and the gender-neutral pronoun ‘ze‘.

Collins approved a total of 2,800 new words — the first time the game has done so since 2015. Several of the other words also reflect the changing times as the LGBTI terms do.

Other approved words include ‘bae’ and ‘antivaxxer‘.

Representation… and game-winning points

Not only do these approved LGBTI words allow a more expansive game-playing audience to feel seen, they also give players more options for big-scoring plays.

John Chew, co-president of the North American Scrabble Players Association, told the New York Times that ‘ze’ is only third two-letter z-word ever approved in the game.

‘Whoever draws the Z tile is going to have a huge advantage,’ he commented.

There is only one Z tile in the game and it’s worth 10 points. An e is worth one point. If someone plays this word on a triple-word score, they’ll win 33 points from two letters alone.

Genderqueer could also earn a player plenty of points, as the Q tile is worth 10 points. Q and Z are the only tiles worth this much.

The new words will be available for play in tournaments and clubs starting in July.

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