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Sean Hayes is producing a ‘gay James Bond’ show for Netflix

Sean Hayes is producing a ‘gay James Bond’ show for Netflix

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‘Gay James Bond’ is coming to Netflix soon and Sean Hayes is behind the wheel.

Q-Force is a half-hour long, animated series following a team of ‘LGBTQ superspies’ and ‘a handsome secret agent’ lead, according to Deadline.

The series has been in the works for some time and has comedy heavyweights behind it. Broad City writer Gabe Liedman and The Good Place creator Mike Schur are working on the project.

In fact, it was to Schur that the Will and Grace star pitched the concept of ‘Gay James Bond’.

Challenging traditionally masculine roles 

Sean Hayes and executive producer, Todd Milliner, spoke about the difficulties of getting the project off the ground.

Milliner said: ‘A spy TV series is so tough, because they’re so expensive. We were thinking how do we get to do gay spy and every week, and the only way to do that is animated, because we can do all of the fun parts of a James Bond film.

‘We can travel, we can have big chase sequences; animation is allowing us that freedom.’

Hayes added: ‘Also I don’t know that the studios would greenlight a feature with a leading character that’s gay in that genre. Hopefully they will, but that doesn’t seem like right now.’

The synopsis reads: ‘Constantly underestimated by their colleagues, the members of Q-Force have to prove themselves time and again as they embark on extraordinary professional (and personal) adventures.’

There’s no word yet on the release date of Q-Force but it certainly is one to look out for, if LGBTI Archer is your jam.

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