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Hunt for man who allegedly threatened gay couple with a gun in Chile

Hunt for man who allegedly threatened gay couple with a gun in Chile

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LGBTI advocates in Chile are appealing for help to locate a man who allegedly attacked a gay couple.

A young couple became the targets of a man’s homophobia in Park Araucano in the suburb of Las Condes located in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Known as NG, 20, and PV, 19, the couple were embracing in the park. The man saw them and began his violent tirade towards them.

The man, age about 60, called the couple ‘faggots’ and told them ‘go be filthy somewhere else’. He allegedly kicked them warning that he had a gun and would act as ‘lawyer and lieutenant’ in dealing with the couple.

The attacker also told the couple he had ‘busted’ gay people in the United States.

‘He demanded that we stop doing “those barbarities” and that we leave the park,’ NG said.

‘When we began to walk away, he pursued us, saying again that we were “fucking fagots”, that we were “being filthy”.’

The man called them abnormal and said he would go home to bathe in chlorine ‘to disinfect himself for having touched’ the men.

When one of the couple began to video the man’s abuse he kicked PV in the leg and grabbed him around the neck.

‘I am armed, do not provoke me,’ the man said to PV. ‘I dare you to scream, you faggot, your mother’s pussy (sic).’

The couple said they managed to escape. But when they asked multiple people in the park for help nobody came to their aid.

‘We met an elderly couple, we explained the situation and they helped us. The man managed to calm the aggressor, but he had the same thought, that we should leave the place as soon as possible. He told us that if he saw us again in the park he would kill us,’ the couple said.

The couple told a security guard at the park who seemed sympathetic to them but did not take down the man’s information. The man also informed the security guard that he was armed.

They also waited more than two hours for police to show up, but left when they found out the police weren’t coming.

Find the man

Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh) is Chile’s leading LGBTI advocacy group. It called for the man to be found and charged.

‘This is a very serious incident,’ said Movilh’s director Rolando Jiménez.

‘Here we not only have a person that physically and verbally assaults a gay couple. But he also boasts of having “busted” homosexuals on other occasions and in front of a security guard admits to carrying a weapon.

‘It is a reckless, serious attitude that deserves immediate reaction.’

Movilh sent a letter to Las Condes Mayor Joaquín Lavín, calling municipal measures to find the aggressor. It also asked for a public alert warning people to exercise caution if they see the man.

Lavín showed his support for the couple on social media. He promised to make every effort to find the man in order to charge him.

Movilh told Gay Star News that the couple had made an official complaint to the police about the incident. But the organization was not sure if police would investigate.

Movilh also called for the park to introduce training for its guards to better handle instances of homophobia or transphobia.

Watch the man complain to the park’s guard (in Spanish)