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Seattle LGBTQ Commission calls for gay mayor’s resignation amidst abuse claims

Seattle LGBTQ Commission calls for gay mayor’s resignation amidst abuse claims

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

After allegations of child sex abuse plagued Seattle mayor Ed Murray, the Seattle LGBTQ Commission is calling for his resignation.

Gay Star News initially reported on the abuse claims in April, which Murray vehemently denied. Multiple teenage boys, including his own foster son, accused Murray of sexual abuse.

The commission is an advisory board tasked with aiding the city on issues related to LGBTQ matters. The mayor’s office appoints the board. As Seattle journalist Brandi Kruse notes, ‘Many members of Seattle LGBTQ Commission were appointed by the mayor, which makes its call for his resignation even more significant.’

In their statement, the commission wrote: ‘In addition to the evidence regarding deeply grave sexual abuse, we believe Murray’s response has been harmful and inappropriate, particularly to LGBTQ individuals, survivors of sexual abuse, and individuals with criminal history. Murray has responded to the allegations by invoking the accusers’ criminal records as proof of their unreliability. We affirm that survivors of sexual assault must be believed and honored, no matter their identity or social standing.’

The commission also took issue with Murray claiming the allegations are homophobic. In the letter, the commission says declaring homophobia to absolve oneself of accountability is ‘morally repugnant’.

Read the full letter here.

However, four former Seattle mayors have declared Murray should finish his term. In their letter, which can be read here, Charley Royer, Norm Rice, Greg Nickels, and Wes Uhlman write that a transition mere months before the election would be too messy.

Last week, Murray, openly gay and married, declared he would not resign. Instead, he intends to serve out the remainder of his term before the November election.