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Second and third pro boxers come out as gay – and they’re dating

Second and third pro boxers come out as gay – and they’re dating

The world of professional boxing now has two openly gay athletes as part of its ranks. And the best part? They’re dating.

Argentine boxer Ana Laura Esteche was victorious in the title fight World Boxing Association for the light welterweight.

After she defeated three-time defending champion Monica Silvina Acosta in Sam Clemente del Tuyú, she thanked her trainers, her mother-in-law and ‘my woman’.

With two words, she followed in the footsteps of Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz who came out in October of 2012. British athlete Nicola Adams became the first LGBT person to win a gold medal in boxing at the Olympics in London 2012, but has yet to go professional.

Her ‘woman’ is no ringside groupie either, she is dating the pink-haired WBA professional boxer Johanna ‘Yoki’ Giménez.

In a follow up interview since her last week, she has said her partner helped her achieve the world title.

‘She is truly and excellent person,’ Esteche said, according to Blabbeando. ‘And, to be sincere, I am very happy to have a woman like that.’

Speaking to ESPN’s Carlos Irusta, she explained she was distant from her parents as they do not approve of her relationship.

Finally, on her decision to come out, Esteche said: ‘It’s that it’s something that you should not hide, after all happiness is not something you should hide, it’s something to be shared and I – we – are happy.’