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Second trans woman murdered in Honduras in under one week

Second trans woman murdered in Honduras in under one week

Trans woman Bessy Ferrera was killed in a drive-by shooting | Picture: Facebook

Only days after a trans woman was killed, a 40-year-old trans woman in Honduras was gunned down in Comayagüela on 8 July.

Two men reportedly shot Bessy Michelle Ferrera, a sex worker, and a colleague in a drive-by shooting while waiting on a street corner in the early morning.

Local police of the Central American country have arrested two men suspected to be behind the shooting.

What happened?

Ferrera was waiting on the corner of second avenue and eighth street with three other trans colleagues in the city.

While waiting for customers, a car reportedly drove past where the two men opened fire at point-blank range.

Although several people nearby managed to flee, Ferrera died almost immediately, according to local media.

Moreover, the men shot one of Ferrera’s colleagues in the abdomen. The men did not harm the second colleague.

In addition, other colleagues arrived to the side-walk to tend to Ferrera and the wounded after the shooting.

Police arrest two men in connection

A local cab driver reportedly drove the two to a nearby hospital where medical staff treated them.

Furthermore, following the shooting, the National Police began a search for the vehicle, local outlets reported.

Officers discovered the tourist-type car parked in La Laguna, at the exit of the road that leads from the capital to Olancho.

Inside the car, cops arrested two men, residents of Las Palmas and Las Torres neighborhoods respectively, in possession of firearms.

Police found the two men with two firearms, a revolver and an automatic pistol, in the back of their vehicle.

We publicly denounce the cruel murder

Several local LGBTI groups and activists have posted heartwarming tributes to Ferrera.

Arcoiris Paola, who runs the Asociación LGTB Arcoiris De Honduras, wrote on Facebook: ‘Today we love with the painful news that our partner, friend, and sister Bessy Ferrera was killed this morning.

‘Without a doubt this news has taken us by surprise, leaves us with a knot in the throat, and with an impotence to see how we are being killed and killed cruelly and the authorities of this country do nothing.

‘We join the pain of his [sic] family. We publicly denounce the cruel murder of our partner, leader and, activist Bessy Ferrer.’

Second death in under a week

Just two days before the shooting, a trans TV presenter died due to a fatal blow the day before.

Similarly, an unknown assailant shot Santiago Carajal, who presented the critically acclaimed La Galaxia de Santi show, on 5 July.

Despite the killers shooting in broad daylight, the police reportedly have no leads.

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