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See Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney commercials!

Humorous spots debut during the Academy Awards telecast

See Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney commercials!

Ellen DeGeneres went back in time for some of her new JC Penney commercials which premiered during the Academy Awards telecast on Sunday (26 February).

DeGeneres went back to the Old West in the first spot where she terrifies fellow customers in a store when she tries to pay for an item and with coupons.

In the second spot, she appeared to be part of a 1950s sitcom which showed a couple in separate beds then cut to DeGeneres in a third bed looking confused.

Some are suggesting that the second spot hinted at polygamy. That certainly won't help to convince he group OneMillionMoms that DeGeneres is an appropriate spokeswoman for the retail chain.

One Million Moms had tried to get JC Penney to fire DeGeneres as their spokesperson because she is a lesbian. But the company stood by DeGeneres and more than 43,000 people have signed a Stand Up For Ellen petition on

Below are three of the DeGeneres JC Penney commercials:

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