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See Jesse Tyler Ferguson sing marriage equality song

Tune lists the states in the US that allow gay marriage - it's a short song

See Jesse Tyler Ferguson sing marriage equality song

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Emmy nominated this year for his role on ABC’s Modern Family, delighted the crowd at the Human Rights Campaign dinner on Saturday (6 October) in Washington DC with his spirited little song about marriage equality.

He sang: ‘These are the states with marriage equality: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont.’

Then he added: ‘Second verse, same as the first.’

But after repeating the verse, he was able to add, with great flourish: ‘Washington DC -eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.’

Last month, Ferguson announced his engagement to lawyer Justin Mikita. The two have been dating for nearly two years.

The couple also announced the formation of their newly-created foundation Tie the Knot which will raise money for various organizations fighting for LGBT equal rights.

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