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See why these men in kilts are the sexiest beings on Earth

Leading men's fashion retailer Differio offers a range of contemporary kilt designs

See why these men in kilts are the sexiest beings on Earth
Could you rock a kilt?

SPONSORED: There’s no denying men in kilts are sexy AF, and it really doesn’t matter if the guy’s a model or not. If you’re not already a kilts-are-hot believer, we’re about to change that with a little St. Patrick’s Day eye candy.

Kilts have gotten a bad rep in the past because they’ve been stereotyped as ‘skirts’ for men (we don’t like using that word).

Contrary to popular belief, women didn’t even wear kilts when they became popular in the 17th Century. They actually wore ankle-length garments, known as earasaids that were more modest than a man’s kilt.

Today’s modern kilts for men are slightly different than the tartan kilt, pockets and lightweight textiles, like this military kilt or denim kilt on So, they’re kind of like really comfortable jeans with the occasional breeze between your legs: much appreciated in the summer!

Kilts on sale via DifferioDifferio

Kilts on sale via Differio

While the traditional Scottish kilt is primarily worn for special occasions, some of Scotland’s bravest warriors used to wear these kilts into war. As the ‘true Scotsman’ saying alludes, it’s even believed these men went into battle commando.

And thanks to Mel Gibson in Braveheart, now all we can imagine is a really hot, rugged man in a kilt riding a horse sans underwear.

Unfortunately, there are only so many places you can catch some cheeky kilt action… like porn.

And yes, the Scottish can’t get enough of kilt porn. Pornhub recently released Scotland’s search-related porn stats in neat little graphs. Apparently, it’s 892% more likely for the Scottish to search for kilt-related porn in comparison to the rest of the world.

If anything, it’s safe to say most of Scotland thinks kilts are sexy.

And it’s not just Scotland. Irish men wear kilts as a celebration of their Celtic heritage – which is why you might see kilts sported on St Patrick’s Day.

If you’re still on the fence about men in kilts, we found the Internet’s sexiest guys in kilts that made us wish more men would wear kilts anywhere doing anything.

They may not be world famous. We don’t even know all their names, but we wish we did. And maybe a phone number and dinner date. That’s all. Scroll down to see if you can handle these kilted hotties.

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Not sure if we have a kilt day here, but….you’re welcome.


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