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Don't let anybody take the cake when it comes to your happiness

Charlie Mathers thinks 'everyone needs to find their cheesecake'

Don't let anybody take the cake when it comes to your happiness
Charlie Mathers
Charlie (right) no longer hesitates when it comes to self-care

Self-care was a foreign concept years ago, let alone taking an entire self-care day.

Thankfully society has moved in the direction of embracing self-care, even going as far as encouraging people to do it.

But still, people are shamed for being vocal about the things that make them really happy.

We still feel compelled to start every status about how happy are with ‘I hate to be that person but…’ And that needs to stop.

I’m a huge fan of cheesecake personally.

I often get laughed at for just how much I actually express my love for cheesecake.

Cheesecake plays the role of self-care food and brings me an endless amount of comfort. So I really couldn’t care what people say.

There’s just something about it that brings me peace, just as watching 2015 action movie Jurassic World does.

Living with depression, I’m delighted that I know the specific things I can do to bring me back up.

My friends will buy my cheesecake when my depression is kicking me in the butt, because they know it’ll cheer me up. This is often when I forget myself what makes me happy.

Thankfully, my friends are there to remind me.

Have I said cheesecake enough already?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being vocal about what you love either. If anything, be even more vocal.

Self-care routines

I’m blessed to live with my best friend who will join me in self-care. If she knows I’m having a bad time, she’s usually the first to suggest we take a self-care evening and watch a movie together.

Everyone needs to find their cheesecake!

Sure, you’ll get the ‘are you really going to eat that entire thing’ question. Sure, sometimes you’ll just have to bite the bullet and eat a strawberry cheesecake if the store is out of toffee cheesecake.

But it’s not fun and it’s not healthy to judge people for their self-care routines.

What people don’t realize is that these little routines help people endlessly.

When people are shamed for what they enjoy when talking about it, they’re less likely to enjoy the routines themselves.

In a world where Trump is President, we need these little things more than ever.

When thinking about the gluttony of things we love, my mind always brings me back a quote: ‘Find what you love and let it kill you.’

While at face value it maybe doesn’t send the healthiest of messages, I couldn’t agree more with the underlying moral.

The world is a very dark place, particularly if you take into consideration the political climate around the world.

Who is to tell you that you can’t let yourself be swallowed up by the happiness of reading your favourite book or watching your favourite movie three times in a row?

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